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On April 9th, nine graduating fellows hosted Rotarians, faculty, staff, students, and local participants as they presented their research on a wide range of issues affecting peace around the world.

Welcome and Introductions

Barry Phillips, Rotary Host Area Coordinator
Wilfrid Wilkinson, President, Rotary International, 2007-08
Catherine Admay, Rotary Center Faculty-Director, Duke University
Susan Carroll, Rotary Center Managing Director
Rebeccah Bartlett, Rotary Peace Fellow, Narrator

President Al Bashir and the International Criminal Court: the Challenge of Accountability                               

Presenter: Romi Brammer
Moderator: Catherine Admay

The Challenge of Linking Humanitarian Assistance and Development Cooperation in Fragile States                   

Presenter: Jae Ryul Kim
Moderator: Natalia Mirovitskaya

Ukraine: The Re-Emerging Breadbasket of Europe. Minimizing Disruptions in the Wheat Value Chain

Presenter: Cristina Andoni
Moderator: Francis Lethem

Can Mobile Technology Increase Reproductive Health Knowledge Among Refugees in Europe?

Presenter: Rebeccah Bartlett
Moderator: Barry Phillips

Is There a Link Between Intimate Partner Violence and Current Modern Contraceptive Use in the Democratic Republic of Congo?

Presenter: Jean Lambert Chalachala
Moderator: Beth Moracco

Rotarian Action Group for Peace

Reem Ghunaim, Operations Manager, RAGFP and
Rotary Peace Fellow alumna (2012-2014, UNC)

Capacity Building Enhancement in the Water & Sanitation Sector: Translating Training Indicators into Practice

Presenter: Osborn Kwena
Moderator: Karin Yeatts

Reducing Local Level Crime and Violence in the Northern Coast of Peru

Presenter: Elohim Monard
Moderator: Phyllis Pomerantz

Rethinking the Prevention of Violence and Crime Policy in Mexico: Should We Focus on Early Peace Building with Children?

Presenter: Vanessa Uriarte
Moderator: Rosemary Fernholz

A Local Strategy for Addressing Corruption in Acapulco, Mexico

Presenter: Carlos Juarez
Moderator: Phyllis Pomerantz

Presentation of Certificates and Alumni Pins

Catherine Admay, Susan Carroll and Barry Phillips

Closing Remarks

Carlos Juarez