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The 15th Annual Rotary Spring Conference took place on Saturday, April 7th, 2018, at UNC (FedEx Global Education Center in the Nelson Mandela auditorium).

We face diverse realities but we all share a common humanity. In Pieces of Peace, Class 15 Peace Fellows presented different development challenges that people face around the world and stories of resilience, as well as individual and collective commitments to peacebuilding.


Links to all presentations can be viewed here.


Welcome and Introductions

Bart Cleary, Rotary Host Area Coordinator

Kenneth Schuppert Jr., Trustee Vice Chair, The Rotary Foundation

Susan Carroll, Rotary Center Managing Director

Chenai Kadungure, Rotary Peace Fellow 2016-18, Conference Narrator


Food Love and Waste in the Age of Climate Change: Peacebuilding Through Policy and Practice

Presenter: Linda Low
Moderator: Catherine Admay

Promoting Peace through Development: A Strategic Approach to improve Employment Opportunities in the Federal District-Brazil

Presenter: Daniela Schermerhorn
Moderator: Rosemary Fernholz

Cash Transfer in Humanitarian Settings

Presenter: Gabriele Gardenal
Moderator: Niklaus Steiner

Leading Change: A Case for Zimbabwe

Presenter: Chenai Kadungure
Moderator: Eunice Sahle

Can we Make Peace, If We Forget the Rights of Nature Along the Way?

Presenter: Francesca Sorbara
Moderator: Catherine Admay

Refugee Mental Health: an Underestimated Challenge

Presenter: Johanna Schubert
Moderator: Lori Evarts

Leaders for Political Dialogue Video

Introduction: Linda Low and Patrick Bwire

I’m Fully Empowered: A Community-Based Approach to HIV Prevention

Presenter: Hayley Welgus
Moderator: Suzanne Maman

Improving Energy Access to Boost Development and Positive Peace in Chiapas, Mexico

Presenter: Odette Rouvet
Moderator: Natalia Mirovitskaya

Addressing Community Land Conflicts in Uganda

Presenter: Patrick Bwire
Moderator: Natalia Mirovitskaya

Ethiopia at a Crossroads Between Peace & Conflict

Presenter: Gada Roba
Moderator: Francis Lethem

Beyond Fairtrade: Widening the Horizon of Opportunity for Indigenous Women Artisans in Peru

Presenter: Techa Beaumont
Moderator: Catherine Admay

Presentation of Certificates 

Closing Remarks