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Class 4 (2005-2007)

Ana Salazar Manzur-Allan, Australia

Duke University – Master in International Development Policy

Ana and her family, of Jewish and Palestinian descent, were exiled from El Salvador in 1990 and subsequently moved to Australia. This experience, in addition to her father’s work in empowering rural communities, was the catalyst for Ana’s interest in the field of Peace and Conflict Resolution and International Development. Ana received her BA in International Relations and Women’s Studies from the University of Queensland and completed a post-graduate degree in Women’s Studies. Ana has hands on knowledge of international development, with a special interest in maternal and child health, and has extensive experience in the design and implementation of projects that seek to empower the poor. Prior to her studies at the Duke-UNC Rotary Center, she worked as a Program Manager with Care International in El Salvador, focusing on empowerment through community organization and small business development. Further, she has spent several years working as a consultant for various organizations including World Vision, Finca International and the United Nations Development Program. She now holds a Masters in International Development Policy from Duke University. She received her BA from the University of Queensland, Australia. Ana is the Business Development Director and Head of Programs at Embrace.