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Class 14 (2015-2017)

Barbara Santibañez, Chile

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Global Studies

Growing up in a post-dictatorship Chile, Barbara became interested in social issues and human activism from a very young age. With a background in political science and journalism, she strongly advocates for human rights education, historical memory and conflict resolution as key tools in promoting social justice. Throughout the last eight years, she has worked for international organizations such as Amnesty International (France) and the Inter-American Development Bank (USA), in an effort to further develop her multicultural mindset and gain the skills necessary to build bridges among multiple stakeholders. Before joining the Rotary Fellows at Chapel Hill, she worked for an international education initiative (WISE) where she designed and managed a youth program that identifies and engages young leaders from all around the world, in an effort to equip them with the skills they need to foster positive change in their own communities. She is also involved as a volunteer and member with youth projects in the fields of leadership, advocacy, and citizenship, through organizations such as Generation Europe Foundation, Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe (AEGEE), and Preparing Global Leaders Foundation.

Barbara holds a BA in Social Communications (University of Chile) and a Master of Research in Political Sciences (University of Paris). She has chosen the Masters in Global Studies at UNC as it offers the possibility of exploring global policy issues through a trans-disciplinary approach. Upon completion of the Fellowship, she wants to work on designing and implementing education policies oriented towards the progressive inclusion of human rights education in the national curricula.

Applied Field Experience

Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France