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Class 5 (2006-2008)

Gohar Gyulumyan, Armenia

Duke University – Master in International Development Policy

As a young economist during a tumultuous time in Armenia, Gohar experienced the need to mobilize all her abilities as she began her career in the Ministry of Economy and Finance. She had the opportunity to work on economic analysis and forecasting which involved negotiations with the IMF and World Bank, and was involved in developing legislation related to the country’s new treasury system. Prior to her studies at the Duke-UNC Rotary Center, Gohar was an economist in The World Bank’s Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit in Armenia, which enabled her to pursue her devotion to Armenia’s painful issues of transition and development. After receiving her degree from the Rotary Center program, Gohar returned to The World Bank where she is now a Senior Economist in the Yerevan Office in Armenia.