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Class 3 (2004-2006)

Josephus Tenga, Sierra Leone

Duke University – Master in International Development Policy

Josephus has extensive experience in the field of development and conflict resolution, with over 20 years of professional and field experience that included multiple missions in conflict areas. After receiving his degree in Economics from the University of Sierra Leone, he spent several years working in commercial banking. His experience in financing rural credit initiatives sparked his interest in development. From there, Josephus was recruited into UNICEF, where he helped establish UNICEF’s country office in Sierra Leone and worked as an Officer of Supply and Logistics. His volunteer work with international organizations such as UNAMSIL and UNOSOM has taken him to Somalia, Liberia and areas of conflict within his own country. He most recently served as the CFO of CAUSE Canada, where he was responsible for technical and professional guidance in finance and administration. Josephus intends to concentrate on poverty alleviation initiatives and how they can minimize the emergence and consequences of conflict, and the study of ‘preventative development.’ Area of Interest/Research: Jose’s Master’s project will build upon his research completed during a summer internship at the World Bank, looking at issue of including local leadership in post-conflict reconstruction in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Specifically, the project will examine in detail the reasons for the lack of participation of local leaders in post-conflict nation building in these countries and propose recommended courses of corrective action. The project is addressed to The Director of The Public Sector Governance Group at The Bank. Jose hopes that the Group would include his recommendations in assisting the governments in Liberia and Sierra Leone to design more effective policies to promote their nation building efforts. Internship: Carter Center, Atlanta, Georgia and the World Bank in Washington, DC. At the Carter Center, Jose researched the peace process in Liberia. At The World Bank, he researched post-conflict leadership in Liberia and Sierra Leone.