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Class 8 (2009-2011)

Karina Ito, Brazil

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Department of Political Science

Karina graduated in Law, specializing in Human Rights and International Law. She holds a Juris Doctorate (2003), a post-graduate degree in International and Economic Law (2008) and she studied International Human Rights at UC Berkeley (2008). In 2009, she received a full scholarship by the Rotary Foundation at the Duke/UNC Rotary Center in Chapel Hill, USA, where she obtained her MA in Political Science and a Graduate Certificate in Peace and Conflict Resolution. During her applied field experience, Karina served at ICMEC in Alexandria, VA and also at UNICEF in Geneva, both in the area of child protection. After graduating, Karina worked at RTI and Duke University. She is now the Executive Officer of the Standing Group of National Committees for UNICEF. She is responsible for supporting the Chair and other members of the Standing Group with strategic and operational planning, including implementation of decisions and policy.