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Class 9 (2010-2012)

Keren Dalyot, Israel

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – School of Education

Keren has been working in civil society organizations since she finished her BA in International Relation and Media Studies as well as an interdisciplinary MA in Human Rights. Keren is passionate about women’s rights and has worked in the Israeli Women’s Network, an NGO committed to promoting women’s rights in the employment market. Over the years Keren has also volunteered in several women’s NGOs: The Israeli coalition against Trafficking in Women, A local organization for immigrant women from the Caucus region, and most recently an organization devoted to women’s health issues (Women and their Bodies). Keren is interested in the intersection of development aid, gender and education, and especially in education policies aimed at promoting gender equality and equity. Keren believes in the power of education to create social change in societies and will be studying in the School of Education, “Culture, Curriculum and Change” program.