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Class 10 (2011-2013)

Kirandeep Sirah, United Kingdom

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Department of Folklore

Kiran has a diverse career history, having developed a number of award winning national and international arts, cultural and human rights programs. He began his career as an artist and teacher, which led him to develop folk and faith based programs at the National Museums of Scotland, post 9/11. After establishing a number of peace and conflict resolution initiatives exploring issues of religious, ethnic and sectarian conflicts in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Kiran went on to develop arts-led projects that explore poverty, gang violence, and modern day slavery, working with refugees affected by war and persecution, including socially marginalized people such as migrant Roma Gypsy communities. As curator of St Mungo Museum of Religion, Kiran developed identity and integration projects through poetry, music, dance and storytelling including establishing Scotland’s first Haitian Voodoo alter and Rastafari sound system. Kiran is interested in how artistic, human and material vernacular expressions can be used to develop the notion of a truly multicultural plural society by validating the traditions of culture and exploring how these shape and form our societies. Kiran is also a slam poet, having performed across the UK in competitions, political rallies and at Edinburgh’s international arts festival. Kiran has a passion for human stories believing these can play a key role in establishing discourse and dialogue amongst our divided societies.