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Class 7 (2008-2010)

Louisa Dow, Australia

Duke University – Master in International Development Policy

Louisa Dow has worked in the community development sector in Australia since 2002, most recently managing communications for a coalition of nonprofit organizations. She has a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in International Relations from the Australian National University, one year of which was completed in Santiago, Chile. In 2005, Louisa’s interest in post-conflict recuperation led her to Norway, where she studied peace building and conflict resolution at the University of Bodø, and to Cambodia, where she evaluated a Khmer Rouge Tribunals education project. As a Rotary World Peace Fellow, Louisa looks forward to deepening her understanding of peace and conflict. She plans to use this knowledge to develop and improve policies and projects that address inequity and discord in communities at risk. Recently, Louisa provided policy advice to Habitat for Humanity in Haiti, and worked on projects related to housing, community and capacity development. For Dow, shelter is intimately connected to peacebuilding.