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Class 21 (2022-2024)

Mustafa Rezaie, Afghanistan

Duke University – Master in International Development Policy

Planning and Policy | Finance and Accounting | Monitoring and Evaluation | Peacebuilding

Mustafa Rezaie has a bachelor of Commerce in accounting and finance from the University of Pune, India, and a postgraduate degree in finance and accounting from Balkh University. He has worked with the government and an international NGO for more than 11 years in different positions such as planning and policy, financial consultant, and Appraisal, Monitoring, and Evaluation (AME) manager.

In 2011, Mr. Rezaie began his career as a Planning and Policy Assistant, in this role he was involved in developing planning, and organizing peace talk and negotiations, planning and coordinating policy-related events for peace council members. After gaining practical experience in peacebuilding and peace management In 2014, he was promoted to Senior Planning and Policy officer as a result of his significant contributions in the planning of the Consultative Peace Forum (Jirga) and the developing of the National Peace and Reconciliation Strategy (2014- 2020). In this role, he has contributed to providing implicit analyses and the output of the implemented program of HPC by different initiatives. He has provided advisory views on different post-conflict resolution studies to form a broader plan and strategy for achieving the goals of the Afghanistan High Peace Council.

Additionally, as a financial consultant, he has contributed well to the treasury department of the Ministry of Finance of Afghanistan in the implementation Afghanistan Financial Management Information System (AFMIS), initiating an extensive capacity building for civil servant employees of the ministry of finance of Afghanistan by Providing training on Accounting, Public Financial Management Reform, Accounting manual, and procurement law of Afghanistan.

After HPC due to his interest in peacebuilding he has joined the Agency for Technical Cooperation Development (ACTED) an international NGO, as an Appraisal, Monitoring, and Evaluation(AME) Manager to begin his work more on a bottom-up peace-making approach, since then he has been involved in peace-promoting activities such as providing education to youth and children by establishing Youth Development Center(YDC) and Community based Education(CBE), Water Sanitation and Hygiene and poverty reduction through agriculture income-generating activities for vulnerable and conflict-affected communities by developing Agro Women farmers group, and small poultry farms to create employment opportunity for poor women in the communities. Moreover, he was involved in research and policy analysis by collecting data and communicating the result effectively to make informed decisions.

When he completes his MIDP degree at Duke his plan is to join an international organization for short term and in the long run his aim is to run a research and formulate an a comprehensive strategy to unite the people locally and internationally to raise the deprived Afghan people's voice through the global network of peace fellows and peace bodies to raise fund to address those challenges that people face in Afghanistan in a professional way and in a sustainable manner.