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Class 23 (2024-2026)

Sharmeen Hakim Indorewala, India

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Global Studies

Sharmeen Hakim Indorewala is a journalist with over a decade of experience in constitutional law and human rights. She holds a bachelor's degree in mass media from Jai Hind College and a degree in law from Government Law College, Mumbai, India.

Sharmeen's career began in 2012 as a legal correspondent with Mumbai Mirror (a compact daily), where she reported on critical social issues, gender-based violence, prison reforms, and environmental challenges. Her work at Live Law India further honed her expertise in covering significant legal developments across the Indian States of Maharashtra and Goa. At Live Law, she also mentored aspiring journalists.

In 2016, Sharmeen co-authored "Six Minutes of Terror: The Untold Story of the 7/11 Mumbai Train Blasts," published by Penguin Random House India. This book provides a comprehensive account of the 2006 Mumbai train bombings and the ensuing nine-year trial, shedding light on investigative failures and miscarriages of justice.

Sharmeen's unique perspective at the intersection of media and justice has led her to defend press freedom and participate in social justice causes. She has been involved in petitions against media gags in Indian courts and collaborated with organizations on sexual and reproductive health issues.

Beyond the newsroom, Sharmeen has taught reporting to final-year mass media students at her alma mater and received high teacher assessment scores.

Sharmeen is set to join the Masters in Global Studies Program at the University of North Carolina. This new chapter will allow her to examine justice systems through a global lens, enhancing her ability to contribute to international discourse on legal and social issues.

Looking ahead, she aspires to leverage her expertise in journalism and law to work with multilateral organizations focused on peace and conflict resolution, striving to create a more just and informed society.