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Class 23 (2024-2026)

Tibeb Abate Asfaw, Ethiopia

Duke University – Master in International Development Policy

Tibeb Abate Asfaw is a seasoned leader in humanitarian, peacebuilding, and development assistance, with over 16 years of experience managing projects in complex contexts. She holds a BSc in Agricultural Engineering & Mechanization from Hawassa University and an MA in Social Work from Indira Gandhi National Open University. Her education has provided her with a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of the challenges facing vulnerable communities.

Throughout her career, Tibeb has committed to leveraging her expertise to positively impact lives. She has worked with USAID, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Brooke Ethiopia, and World Vision Ethiopia, managing multimillion-dollar portfolios, leading emergency food assistance programs, facilitating peacebuilding initiatives, and contributing to impactful development projects.

With the support of The Rotary Foundation and Rotary District 7600, particularly the Rotary Club of Richmond, Tibeb will pursue a Master's in International Development Policy (MIDP) at Duke University, starting in August 2024. The Rotary Foundation's mission aligns perfectly with her aspirations to foster tolerance and cooperation among people. She is grateful for this opportunity to contribute to positive change in her conflict-affected home country and communities worldwide striving for a better life.

Tibeb's study in the U.S. is driven by several goals: deepening her understanding of humanitarian and development strategies, with a focus on peace and conflict management; broadening her network to engage with like-minded individuals and organizations specializing in these areas; and leveraging her learnings to advocate for more effective and sustainable approaches to humanitarian assistance and peacebuilding. She aims to contribute to positive change and meaningful impact in conflict-affected communities worldwide.

Tibeb's journey in the U.S. represents a pivotal opportunity for personal growth, professional development, and impactful contributions to international development policy and peacebuilding. She is eager to embark on this journey, ready to immerse herself in rigorous academic study, and determined to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.