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Class 17 (2018-2020)

Yared Lemma, Ethiopia

Duke University – Master in International Development Policy

Development Policy | Communication | Knowledge Management

Yared Lemma is a knowledge management specialist with over eight years of experience in designing and managing knowledge and monitoring systems, conducting training, research, and data analysis in large and complex US Agency for International Development-funded projects. Prior to coming to Duke as a Rotary Peace Fellow, Yared successfully led a knowledge management strategy for a multispectral nutrition program in Ethiopia. As an Ethiopian, Yared has closely observed a mix of development trends over the past decade along with a rising conflict and civil unrest.

Yared’s professional experience has given him a chance to see the status of the peace and conflict situation in his country in a wide and deep context. Early in his career, he worked with an international consulting firm tasked to revise the National Disaster Management Policy of Ethiopia where he started to develop a solid understanding of the magnitude of internal and regional conflicts as a serious development challenge in his country. The past few years, he witnessed the value of peace and the impact of conflict on lives and economy as the country continued to experience frequent unrest. As such, he strongly believes that sustainable development is at stake in order to ensure a long-lasting peace. Coupled with the lack of justice and democracy, Yared believes that the current turmoil in his country is the result of leaving the majority of youth out of the development process of the country.

Yared holds a MSc in Agricultural Economics from Haramaya University, Ethiopia. Through Duke’s MIDP program, he hopes to learn more about improving international development programming focused on peacebuilding interventions, while leveraging his professional experiences in the field of monitoring and evaluation and knowledge management.

Applied Field Experience

Kimetrica, Denver CO