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Class 2 (2003-2005)

Yung Le, Australia

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – School of Education

Yung is an Australian with a Vietnamese heritage. Her bicultural upbringing has led to a desire to learn the root causes of racial conflict in Australia. To this end, she has earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and criminology from the University of Melbourne. In her professional career, she has worked at the University of Melbourne’s International Conflict Resolution Center and spent a year in Vietnam as a project officer for UNESCO. There she developed and implemented projects in the areas of peace education, youth and HIV/AIDS prevention and care. Over the summer of 2004, Yung worked at the World Bank on its Education for Iraq program, where she was responsible for developing a policy framework for textbook development in Iraq. She received her master’s from the School of Education at UNC where her academic focus was on the democratization of education in post-conflict reconstruction. She plans to return to the international development field and work in education reform in post-conflict settings.