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Joseph Sany – Practitioner in Residence from FHI 360


Our center was very honored to host a visit by Joseph Sany, Technical Advisor with FHI 360. Sany visited our center in cooperation with the Masters in International Development Policy program (MIDP) as our 2019 Practioner-in-Residence. During Sany’s visit, he held informational interviews, roundtable discussions and enjoyed informal meals with Rotary Peace Fellows on both the Duke and UNC campus on February 7 – 8, 2019.

Joseph Sany is the Technical Advisor for the Civil Society and Peacebuilding Department at FHI 360. In this capacity, he supports and advises on innovative approaches related to training, programming, human and institutional capacity strengthening, as well as programming in the areas of youth development and livelihoods, preventing violent extremism, civil society development and peacebuilding in fragile and post-conflict environments. Sany is an international development, peacebuilding and peacekeeping specialist with 20 years of proven experience supporting and advising local and international organizations including the United Nations missions, USAID missions, United States Institute of Peace (USIP).

Roundtable Presentation and Discussion

Sany discussed two of his current projects: The Sharekna Project to support youth and empower local communities in Tunisia to prevent violent extremism, and the Civic Engagement Program in Mali to increase and strengthen citizens’ role in the community development process. During these discussions, fellows learned about the history of FHI360, the various sectors and regions in which FHI360 is involved, as well as the frameworks and tools implemented in various programs.

Development problems need integrated solutions. At FHI360, we always look for integrated, system-based approaches.
– Joseph N. Sany, PhD
Technical Advisor, Peacebuilding and Conflict Mitigation

Informational Interviews

Joseph Sany devoted several hours of his time, meeting with Rotary Peace Fellows one on one. During the informational interviews, Fellows had the opportunity to discuss their areas of interest and how those connect to current programs at FHI 360. Additionally, fellows discussed current trends, as well as the challenges and successes within the field of development.

Informal Lunch and Dinner with Rotary Peace Fellows

During these informal meals, Fellows had the opportunity to hear more about Sany’s personal and professional experiences that led him to his current position with FHI360. Fellows gained insight into the direction that this field is progressing as well as the tools and skills needed to be a competitive candidate for employment. Sany discussed the importance of crafting a resume in order to show the expertise and talents they can bring to an organization. Overall, everyone enjoyed discussing important topics with a well-respected practitioner in a relaxing environment.

Thank you to Joseph Sany and FHI360, for providing our Fellows with this opportunity.

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