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AndoniCristina Andoni, Moldova

Master in International Development Policy, Duke University

Cristina Andoni has more than seven years of experience promoting socio-economic development, women’s rights and engaging in corporate consulting in the private and social sectors in Europe and North America. She has worked in various capacities, helping rural city hall accountants to implement an integrated municipal financial software program with the US Agency for International Development Local Government Reform Project in Moldova, and managing the operations and finances of the Media and Cultural Policy programs at Soros Foundation-Moldova, one of the biggest and most reputable nonprofits in Moldova. Cristina was also selected to be part of a network of international leaders and served as an Atlas Corps fellow at Points of Light, USA, the largest organization in the world dedicated to volunteering and service. Within Points of Light’s Corporate Institute she managed projects and designed solutions for Fortune 500 corporations and nonprofits across the United States, which seek to develop or grow sustainable employee volunteering programs and strengthen private-nonprofit partnerships. Prior to joining Duke University, Cristina worked for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development within its Small Business Initiative where she applied both her corporate and nonprofit experiences to help local companies grow by supporting women in business and implementing activities that aimed to develop the consultancy market in Moldova.

Cristina is passionate about social change and is an advocate for women’s rights. She holds a degree in Economics from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova and was awarded scholarships by the US Department of State and the Fund for American Studies. At Duke University, Cristina is planning to learn more about the policy process, development economics and practices in conflict management to advance her plans to work for the government or the international development community as a public policy consultant.

AFE: Duke Center on Globalization Governance and Competitiveness, Durham, NC, USA


RebeccahRebeccah Bartlett, Australia

Department of Maternal and Child Health, Gillings School of Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Rebeccah is a Registered Nurse-Midwife from Australia. She holds a BA (Hons.) in History and Anthropology and focused her undergraduate research on reproductive health in refugee camps after WWII. Throughout the last decade, Rebeccah has volunteered her time with various community programs that focus on the health and wellbeing of disadvantaged and vulnerable populations. She has volunteered in indigenous communities in the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, two countries that have made slow progress towards Millennium Development Goal 5: Improve Maternal Health. Rebeccah is passionate about reducing maternal mortality and morbidity and gender-based violence in developing countries and is working towards closing the gap of indigenous maternal health in her own country through mHealth technology and program innovations.

AFE: IntraHealth, Chapel Hill, NC & Remote Area Medical, Rockford, TN, USA

Listen to: The Chronicles of Peace: The Human Connection


Romi-revRomi Brammer, South Africa

Global Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Romi is currently studying a MA in Global Studies at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. She has previously worked in human rights organizations geared towards providing legal assistance to indigent individuals and refugees.  More recently, she worked as a researcher for the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions. In her work, she has been struck by the number of different aspects which play a role in fueling political instability and human rights abuses.  Whilst Romi has a legal background (having completed a LLB degree in law and a LLM in international law), she selected to study an interdisciplinary Master’s degree in order to obtain a multidimensional perspective, which she considers essential in overcoming human rights abuses.

AFE: UNC Center for Civil Rights, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Listen to: The Chronicles of Peace: A Smile in the Face of Pain


Jean-Lambert Chalachala, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Department of Maternal and Child Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Jean Lambert graduated from the department of medicine at the University of Kisangani in 2002. After graduating, he went to the village of Yakusu to help with the rehabilitation of their main hospital that had been completely destroyed and looted during the successive waves of war violence. With the help of local communities, the hospital was again serving patients within 3 months of his arrival. With no available resources, Jean Lambert began going to the nearby villages to provide medical consultations and other basic services to the population who were unable to come to the hospital either because it was too far or they were too ill to walk. After leaders of the Baptist Church, those in ownership of the hospital, received word of Jean Lambert’s work, he was offered residency training at their main teaching hospital in Kimpese in the Southwestern part of the country for three years. Following residency, in 2006, he worked as an emergency doctor with Doctors without Borders (a humanitarian medical NGO). He began touring the country to lead responses to epidemic outbreaks that were generalized as the health system continued to collapse. In 2008, he received an opportunity to work for a year with Doctors of the World in a project providing medical and social support to the Kinshasa street children.  At that time, the University of North Carolina was the dominant provider of HIV services in the DRC and was conducting a lot a research. When Jean Lambert received the opportunity to join the UNC team in Kinshasa, he welcomed it and started volunteering to help anyone on the team with their research project. For the past 5 years that he worked with UNC Programs in the DRC, he helped implement many different research projects.

Africa and elsewhere in the world, where war and conflict are present, will only have lasting peace, when people are in good health and have the ability to rebuild their lives beyond the traumatic events they have been through. Upon completion of the Rotary World Peace Program, Jean Lambert is going to contribute to building health systems that can efficiently care for the populations by pursuing a career within maternal and child health as well as in research.

AFE: IntraHealth in DR Congo, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Listen to: The Chronicles of Peace: Escaping Violence in the DRC


Carlos-revCarlos Francisco Juárez Cruz, Mexico

Master in International Development Policy, Duke University

Carlos was born and raised in Acapulco, a beautiful tourist port in the state of Guerrero, one of the three poorest in Mexico. While earning his Bachelor in Economics, Carlos did research in Poverty and Inequality measurement. After finishing a master (MA) in Public Management, he focused in public finances, transparency and corruption fighting. When Acapulco, his hometown, was stricken by violence in 2010, Carlos actively participated in peacebuilding processes and along with his wife and a few friends created Citizenship and Education for Peace (CEPAC), an NGO advocating for Human Rights, Social Participation and Accountability. During the past year he has promoted and developed Open Government projects fostered both from civil society and government. Before coming to Duke, he was Director of Transparency and Public Policy in the municipality of Acapulco.

After finishing his Masters in International Development Policy Program, Carlos wants to go back home to deploy development policies and OpenGov initiatives from strategic government positions and citizen spaces because he is convinced that violence in Mexico has roots in poverty and corruption.

AFE: Institute for Economics & Peace, Mexico City, Mexico

Listen to: The Chronicles of Peace: Violence in Acapulco


KimJae Ryul Kim, South Korea

Master in International Development Policy, Duke University

Jae Ryul had been working in humanitarian assistance and the development cooperation field. Most recently, he worked as Deputy Head of International Relations Team of the Korean Red Cross (KRC) covering governance support, humanitarian diplomacy, emergency operations, and development project management. From 2010 to 2011, he was Head of KRC Country Office in Haiti, managing disaster response and recovery projects in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Prior to this, he served as Desk Officer at the IFRC Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland, providing managerial and technical support to the Pacific Regional/Country Offices, the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Zone Office, and National Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies in the regions for two and a half years. Jae Ryul is currently conducting research related to conflict management, state-building, good governance, climate change, disaster risk reduction, and sustainable development policies, especially for vulnerable and fragile states. 

AFE: UNFPA, Nairobi, Kenya


Osborn Kwena, Kenya

Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Osborn Kwena has four years of experience in implementing public health research projects as both a field practitioner and project manager, specializing in behavior change programs. He developed an interest in the public health field after working in rural areas and understanding that basic information and innovations in health matters can greatly make a difference in rural populations, which in turn promotes peace in communities. He has been a staff member with Innovations for Poverty Action-Kenya, a non-profit organization focused on finding solutions to the problem of poverty using rigorous research to evaluate programs. He specifically worked under the WASH Benefits project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that focused on measuring the impact of water, sanitation, nutrition and hygiene interventions on child health. Osborn holds a Bachelor of Education Arts from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology in Kenya, with a major in Geography and a minor in Psychology. Osborn is also concerned with politics and development, especially how they intertwine to inform policy. In his professional and personal undertakings, he has come to appreciate that public health is at the core of a clean and healthy society. Outside of work, he loves to read and travel, as it ensures he knows more about the world.  Upon completion of the Rotary fellowship program and Masters in Public Health, he intends to commit himself to fostering social justice and to finding sustainable, relevant and appropriate solutions to health issues both locally and on an international level.

AFE: One Million Community Health Workers Campaign, The Earth Institute, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA

Listen to: The Chronicles of Peace: Water and Sanitation in Kenya


Elohim-revElohim Monard, Peru

Master in International Development Policy, Duke University

Elohim was born in Pucallpa, a city in the Peruvian Amazon where he witnessed marvelous landscapes and people, in contrast to inequality and deprivation across the rainforest. He studied Communications for Development at Universidad de Lima and sums up what he learned in a single statement: the maximum expression of communication is dialogue. His professional career and personal journey have focused on civil society projects to generate networks of people and institutions, broadening opportunities for young people, recognizing their social and economic enterprises, and encouraging their citizenship. Before starting the Rotary Fellowship, Elohim contributed to trigger social innovations related to cooperation, peaceful coexistence and public service. After his Master’s studies, he wants to design and implement public policies with a conflict prevention and transformation approach, as well as being involved in political affairs, to enhance democratic dialogue and institutional stability.

AFE: Nonviolent Peaceforce, Brussels, Belgium

Listen to: The Chronicles of Peace: Spiritual World and Politics


????????Vanessa Uriarte, Mexico

Master in International Development Policy, Duke University

Vanessa is one of the top young fundraisers in west Mexico. Her great experience making partnerships and inter-sectorial action with local governments, international corporations, non-governmental organizations and individuals positioned Children International as one of the top youth development organizations in Mexico. She has over five years of experience in Social Development, Fundraising and Advocacy for children and youth from vulnerable communities in the Metropolitan Urban Area of Guadalajara. Ms. Uriarte studied International Relations at the Monterrey Institute of Higher Education and Technology (ITESM) in Guadalajara and has post graduate certificates in Fundraising Management, Project Design for International Cooperation, Protocol and Public Relations. Ms. Uriarte started her career in the nonprofit sector coordinating programs for the empowerment of youth at risk which allows her to understand the key elements of international organizations’ management from the program’s design and implementation to evaluation and expansion.

Upon completion of the Rotary World Peace Program, Vanessa wants to manage developmental perspectives of the world based on customized policy and acknowledgement of particular needs, and to innovate in the design of social policies as well as to improve the implementation and the monitoring of development projects in undeveloped countries.

AFE: UNICEF Honduras, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Listen to: The Chronicles of Peace: The Promise of Children

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