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Fellows, please send us phrases, sayings or slang that you may have found confusing during your fellowship and we’ll add them here!

24/7:  All the time; always available; without a break

AKA:  Also known as

All-nighter:   Studying/working all night without sleep

ASAP:  As soon as possible

Back on your feet:  Recover or get well

Baloney:  Nonsense

Bandwidth:  Ability (or lack of ability) to complete work given the available resources (people, time, money, etc.)

BTW:  By the way

COB:   Close of Business

DOA:  “Dead on Arrival”;  hopeless

Double-take:  a delayed reaction to something unexpected, immediately after one’s first reaction

Do a 180:  Turn around and go in the opposite direction (either literally or figuratively)

Foot in the door:  Initial opportunity; first step

FYI:   For your information

Green light:   Authorization; approval

Hang out:  Spend time with

Hit the road:  Depart

In black and white:   Something written or printed; or something very explicit

In the red:  In debt; without money

Jane/John Doe:  Generic name for a woman or man — when unknown or anonymous for example

Landslide (election):  Any overwhelming victory

Lemon:  Piece of junk; failure

Luck out:   Have good luck

MIA:  Missing in Action

No-brainer:  Easy; simple; obvious

Nuts (as an adjective):  Silly; wild

Op-Eds:   Open editorials (usually found in newspapers)

Out of the blue:    Unexpected; surprising

Peanuts:  Small amount; pittance; insufficiency

Piece of cake:  Very easy

Point-blank:  Direct; frank; at close range

Pull one’s leg:  Joke; tease

Put your foot in your mouth:  To say the wrong thing (and wish you had not)

Red tape: Bureaucratic rules; official procedures

Set aside some money:  Reserve or save some money

Snail mail:  Mail sent through the post office with a stamp

Tag along:  Join; go with

TBD/TBC:  To be determined/To be confirmed

Thumbs up:  Authorize; consent

Touch base:  Briefly make or renew contact with someone

Trumpism:  The philosophy and politics espoused by Donald Trump