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UNC Graduate Certificate in International Peace and Conflict Transformation

Specialize in peacebuilding and conflict transformation in communities and nations around the world

The Graduate Certificate in International Peace and Conflict Transformation is available to currently enrolled UNC-Chapel Hill graduate students in all departments and schools who wish to demonstrate a specialization in issues of international peacebuilding and conflict transformation. The Certificate may be awarded at either the master’s or doctoral-level and is noted on the student’s transcript.

The goals of this Certificate are for students to:

  • Demonstrate a specialization in issues related to peacebuilding and conflict transformation in the international arena, with special attention paid to the prevention of conflict. Research and coursework must therefore have significant international content.
  • Foster interdisciplinary approaches to peacebuilding and conflict transformation.
  • Gain hands-on practical experience in peacebuilding, conflict prevention and the transformation of conflicts by working with a relevant nonprofit organization.


  1. Three approved courses (9 credit hours) on topics related to international peacebuilding and conflict prevention and/or transformation. Courses should relate to at least two of the following thematic areas:
  • Sustainable Development
  • Governance, Security and Diplomacy
  • Culture, Identity and Human Rights
  • Methods of Conflict Transformation

At least one of the three courses must be taken outside the student’s home department. Only one 400-level course can be counted as part of the 9 credit hours.

  1. A thesis, dissertation, or major seminar paper on a topic related to international peacebuilding, conflict prevention and/or conflict transformation. Submit this to the Duke-UNC Rotary Peace once it is the final version. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: STUDENT’S GRADUATION DATE   
  2. An internship involving at least 80 hours of practical service with an organization that works to promote peace, social justice, sustainable development and/or conflict prevention/transformation. This project must result in a 5-10-page critical analysis of how the organization and the work you undertook deal with peacebuilding and the transformation and/or prevention of conflicts. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: STUDENT’S GRADUATION DATE  
  3. Attendance at the annual spring Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center conference during both years of a student’s graduate program (for MA students) or at least two years (for PhD students).


Graduate students interested in pursuing the Certificate are responsible for constructing their own course plan and making all arrangements associated with the internship. Students should:

  1. Design a course plan in consultation with their faculty advisor and email it to the Managing Director of the Rotary Peace Center for approval. Course plans must demonstrate thematic integrity and coherence. Independent Study and language courses do not count toward the course requirements. The completed and signed certificate application form should be forwarded to the Managing Director of the Duke-UNC Rotary Center no later than October 31st of the applicant’s first year of study.
  2. Approved applicants must attend the Spring Rotary Peace Conference both years of their graduate program.
  3. Prior to initiation of the internship, the student must submit a written statement of intent to the Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center for approval, in which the relevance and goals of the internship are clearly outlined. An official letter of affiliation from the proposed organization is also required.
  4. Following the internship period, the student must submit to the Rotary Peace Center a 5-10-page critical analysis of the work done and its relation to an issue of international peace and/or conflict transformation.
  5. Submit the thesis, dissertation, or major seminar paper to the Rotary Peace Center.
  6. All materials must be received prior to the student’s graduation.

Awarding of the Certificate

The certificate will be noted as a remark on the university transcript for UNC students. All recipients will receive a certificate from the Office of the Vice Provost for Global Affairs.

For more information, contact:

Susan Carroll

Managing Director, Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center

UNC Global, FedEx Global Education Center

301 Pittsboro Street, CB# 5145, 1st Floor, Room 1206

Chapel Hill, NC 27599-5145