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Rotarians are available to provide information and support to Rotary Peace Fellows before, during, and after their fellowship.

Host Counselor

Each Rotary Peace Fellow is assigned a Rotarian host counselor and a host Rotary club. This will connect Fellows to local Rotarians and Rotary activities during their fellowship term. Host counselors are appointed by the host area coordinator.

If you are a Rotarian interested in learning more about becoming a host counselor, please contact our Host Area Coordinator Randy Lickey.

Host Area Coordinator

Each Rotary Peace Center has a designated host area encompassing the Rotary district where the center is located and surrounding districts. 

The host area coordinator is a Rotarian trained by The Rotary Foundation and is the primary contact between host area Rotarians and the Rotary Peace Center staff.

Our Center’s host area coordinator: Randy Lickey

• Works with The Rotary Foundation to promote the Rotary Peace Center’s activities
• Coordinates training and events
• Encourages host area clubs and districts to participate in events
• Manages Fellows’ speaking engagements at Rotary events

We, the Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center, welcome students of every nationality, religion, race, gender identity, sexual orientation and physical ability. We pledge to create a community that is welcoming to all, grounded in mutual respect and understanding, with the goal of advancing knowledge and the practice of peace building. We are a center comprised of three equal partners whose collective purpose is the pursuit of knowledge, practice and service through the diversity of ideas, actions and people. The Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center stands unified behind our core values. We welcome you to our community and are encouraged by what we, together, can build.