Welcome to the Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center. We look forward to working with you through your two years of study.

This is an exciting and very busy time for you, and our goal is to help you transition successfully into graduate school and your program.

Your Next Steps

Rotary Peace Fellowship program

Get a checklist for what you need to do next to begin your fellowship program.


Robertson Express Bus (free express service between Duke & UNC)

Duke Bus System

Chapel Hill Transit

Go Durham

Go Triangle (regional bus service linking Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill)

Bull City Connector (free bus around Downtown Durham)

Megabus (cheap bus service to D.C., New York & beyond)

Amtrak (train from Durham or Raleigh to all over the U.S.)

Zipcar and Enterprise Car Share (hourly car rental with student discounts)

(In addition to Craig’s List)

Sabbatical Homes – Academic community resource for listings of houses and apartments for rent.

Please Note – The Rotary Center cannot vouch for any of these companies or locations.  We are just providing them as resources.  Be sure to do your due diligence by vetting the properties thoroughly and asking for recommendations.

Chapel Hill/Carrboro

Websites to search for houses/apartments/rooms to rent:

Daily TarHeel Apartment Finder

List of Off-Campus Apartment Communities

Apartment complexes where other Fellows have lived:

Collins Crossing


Royal Park 

University Lake


Websites to search for houses/apartments/rooms to rent:

Duke University – Off Campus Housing


Duke Community Housing