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Welcome! Our 17th Annual Spring Conference was canceled due to COVID-19. In its place we organized a Virtual Roundtable at which graduating Class 17 Rotary Peace Fellows presented on their research and experiences to board members, staff, and Class 18 Rotary Peace Fellows. It was an informal and meaningful celebration of Class 17 Rotary Peace Fellows’ astounding work and accomplishments, and their commitment to peace-building and international development around the world. Congratulations, Class 17!

Click here to learn more about graduating fellows.

Here is their message about this year’s theme, Voices of Peace:

We invite you on a journey with us, the Class 17 Rotary Peace Fellows, to look at the world through our eyes and to embrace our expressions of peace. Our role is to break the silence, to strengthen the conversations, and to amplify the unheard voices. These are our stories, our hopes, our commitments, and a call to everyone to join us.

Click here to watch highlights from the Virtual Roundtable!

Roundtable Agenda:

Welcome: Scott Reynolds, Rotary Host Area Coordinator for the Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Center

Sarah Champagne: Coca in Colombia: Is Peace Possible?

Limabenla Jamir: Rebuilding Resilience: The Next Steps for the Nagas

Yared Lemma Hurisa: Application of machine learning approaches to predict refugee movements

Asha Asokan: Protection of Children in Armed Conflict

Kate Huth: Playing to Learn

Narayan Chetry: Men in Family Planning within the context of Maternal and Child Health in low-resource settings

Linh Vo: Survival

Emilya Huseynova: Biological Weapons and Global Health Security

Manal El Tayar: Women, Peace and Birthday Parties

*Please note that some presentations are not available for viewing due to privacy considerations.