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Class 22 (2023-2025)

Aleksandra Zaborowska, Poland

Duke University – Master in International Development Policy

Sustainable Food Systems | Food Security and Peacebuilding | Food Policy | Regenerative Agriculture

Aleksandra Zaborowska holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science and Journalism from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. She has also pursued studies in International Relations and Strategic Studies (Security Studies) at both Jagiellonian University and as a fellow of the Ryoichi Sasakawa Fund for Young Leaders (SYLFF) at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Most recently, Aleksandra worked as a policy adviser to the Committee of Agriculture and Rural Development in the European Parliament, based in Brussels. In this role, she played a crucial part in addressing the Russian aggression against Ukraine and the blockade of Black Sea ports. As a member of the AGRI Committee, she prepared Members of Parliament and participated in meetings with President Zelensky and Minister of Agriculture Solskiy, aiming to find solutions for the transfer of grain to countries in need of humanitarian aid. She also worked to ensure the establishment of solidarity lanes. Additionally, Aleksandra took responsibility for negotiating a report that focused on ensuring food security and long-term resilience. This report provided guidance to the European Commission on proposing new regulations for sustainable food systems and other legislative proposals. She also led the efforts on an implementation report that promoted healthy dietary habits among children and ensured access to fresh, local produce for vulnerable children through the 'School Scheme.' Aleksandra was also involved in the Nature Restoration Law and various other initiatives.

Aside from her professional work, Aleksandra has dedicated the past three years to volunteering for the research NGO NeuroLandscape. Her involvement primarily revolves around conceptualizing and writing research pilot projects in the realm of food systems and social programs. These projects aim to support vulnerable groups and promote nature therapies. The implementation of these initiatives is slated to begin in 2023, under Horizon Europe projects.

Previously, Aleksandra worked in the Committee on Budgets, specifically focusing on the EU Budget. She also served as the coordinator of the Polish delegation of the Members of the European Parliament. As part of the MIDP program, she aspires to concentrate her research on scaling up regenerative food systems and developing a long-term food security strategy. Her ultimate objective is to move away from dependency on short-term solutions and instead build resilient systems using the humanitarian-development-peace (HDP) approach.