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Class 13 (2014-2016)

Elohim Monard, Peru

Duke University – Master in International Development Policy

Elohim was born in Pucallpa, a city in the Peruvian Amazon where he witnessed marvelous landscapes and people, in contrast to inequality and deprivation across the rainforest. He studied Communications for Development at Universidad de Lima and sums up what he learned in a single statement: the maximum expression of communication is dialogue. His professional career and personal journey have focused on civil society projects to generate networks of people and institutions, broadening opportunities for young people, recognizing their social and economic enterprises, and encouraging their citizenship. Before starting the Rotary Fellowship, Elohim contributed to trigger social innovations related to cooperation, peaceful coexistence and public service. After his Master’s studies, he wants to design and implement public policies with a conflict prevention and transformation approach, as well as being involved in political affairs, to enhance democratic dialogue and institutional stability.

Applied Field Experience

Nonviolent Peaceforce, Brussels, Belgium