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Class 9 (2010-2012)

JuneHo Chung, South Korea

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Department of City and Regional Planning

June-ho’s diversity of my experience and interests spans the globe. June-ho worked at Sogang University as a business education team manager and Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers as a junior international taxation consultant. June-ho also was a commissioned military officer serving in the army with a year-long deployment in Afghanistan. June-ho lived in the United States, South Korea, Switzerland, and Afghanistan and traveled many countries such as Japan, China, Australia, and France. During his undergraduate years, June-ho’s main focus was international business and accounting. June-ho’s main interest is in effective, efficient, and sustainable economic development. He wants to study ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the economic and industrial development, and how to formulate sustainable economic development planning for post-conflict regions and counties under transition such as North Korea. Moreover, as a Korean June-ho is interested in the past 60 years of Korean economic development history and how it could be applied to other developing counties or post-conflict counties. He also hopes to research economic development policies for the Koreas and in due course support the unification process and would like to study what type of tasks, efforts, and environment can lead to efficient outcome of poverty alleviation programs.