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Class 7 (2008-2010)

Leandro Ragone, Argentina

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Master in International Development Policy

After studying international relations at the University of Salvador with a focus on tolerance, equity, and respect, Leandro accepted an assistant teaching position with the university’s Economics Department. Leandro became interested in the importance of commodities on a global scale and how international commerce works as a result of his work with Arcor Group as an Agro-Industrial Sales Analyst, managing the exportations of maize and sorghum in its four production branches located in different cities of the country, and Cremer y Asociados S.A., where he managed the exports of soybeans and popcorn. He is seeking the knowledge required to be a leader for peace and to help those countries with high poverty rates and improper nourishment. Upon completion of the Rotary World Peace Program, he plans to apply his skills at the World Bank or a similar organization where he can focus on poverty alleviation, educational support, and the promotion of tolerance and cooperation among countries.