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Class 13 (2014-2016)

Osborn Kwena, Kenya

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Osborn Kwena has four years of experience in implementing public health research projects as both a field practitioner and project manager, specializing in behavior change programs. He developed an interest in the public health field after working in rural areas and understanding that basic information and innovations in health matters can greatly make a difference in rural populations, which in turn promotes peace in communities. He has been a staff member with Innovations for Poverty Action-Kenya, a non-profit organization focused on finding solutions to the problem of poverty using rigorous research to evaluate programs. He specifically worked under the WASH Benefits project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that focused on measuring the impact of water, sanitation, nutrition and hygiene interventions on child health. Osborn holds a Bachelor of Education Arts from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology in Kenya, with a major in Geography and a minor in Psychology. Osborn is also concerned with politics and development, especially how they intertwine to inform policy. In his professional and personal undertakings, he has come to appreciate that public health is at the core of a clean and healthy society. Outside of work, he loves to read and travel, as it ensures he knows more about the world. Upon completion of the Rotary fellowship program and Masters in Public Health, he intends to commit himself to fostering social justice and to finding sustainable, relevant and appropriate solutions to health issues both locally and on an international level.

Applied Field Experience

The Earth Institute, Columbia University, New York, NY