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Class 12 (2013-2015)

Pranisa Ekachote, Thailand

Duke University – Master in International Development Policy

Born and raised in Thailand, Pranisa grows her interest of relationship between security – both human and physical security – and development through her career with a Bangkok-based security consulting and risk assessment firm. The firm has given her a first hand understanding of the Southern insurgency. She is required to closely monitor the situation in Southern Thailand, where unequal development policies and a lack of government accountability have allowed civilian grievances to evolve into an Islamic insurgency. Pranisa believes that the insurgency is an avoidable tragedy that demonstrates the link between equitable development policies and security. Understanding the links between these two fields is important to addressing countless global security challenges caused by cultural and religious differences. By studying in this area of interest, Pranisa hopes to improve her understanding of the links between security and development to create a lasting peace in Southern Thailand. Her hope is to become a public servant to promote conflict resolution in the South and also at the national level, because politics are also dividing the country.

Applied Field Experience

Mothering Across Continents, Charlotte, USA