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Class 9 (2010-2012)

Ryan Rowe, Canada

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – School of Public Health

Ryan’s interest in international development emerged after spending time travelling, working and studying in South America. Upon completion of his MBA, he decided to move to the United Arab Emirates and join the Macquarie Group’s Middle East infrastructure business in order to gain insight into the private financing of infrastructure projects. During his time in the Gulf region, he worked on the establishment of a US$630 million infrastructure investment fund, led the firm’s corporate social footprint in the region, and developed expertise in investor relations, fundraising, infrastructure investment analysis, financial reporting and corporate governance. Seeking an outlet for his humanitarian side, Ryan launched a grassroots volunteer organisation through which over 2,200 hours of volunteer service was delivered in a single year. He also holds a board position with the Kenya-based Tabasamu Education Fund, where his focus is on strategic marketing and fundraising initiatives to help meet the tuition funding needs of students from low-income families. Ryan is now undertaking a Master of Public Health as part of the Rotary World Peace Program to round out his understanding of development issues. His main area of interest is in community-based approaches to public health through behavioural change and infrastructure development, particularly in the water and sanitation sector. Among his objectives is the creation of a social investment fund to provide funding for such projects in areas such as slums, rural villages, or post-conflict zones.