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Class 1 (2002-2004)

Shih-Szu Wang, Taiwan

Duke University – Master in International Development Policy

Shih-Szu holds a master’s degree in sociology from the National Jsing-Hwan University in Taiwan, as well as a bachelor of law from Junghai University. Before becoming a member of the inaugural class of Rotary World Peace Scholars studying International Development Policy at Duke, she worked at the Judicial Reform Foundation in Taipei as a secretary general/director of programs. She has been a Columnist and Editorial Writer in Taiwan since 1993 and had numerous articles in various major national newspapers. Shih-Szu has served as a member of the Taiwan Association for the Promotion of Human Rights for three years, as well as serving as a member of the Taiwan Labor Front. Shih-Szu’s areas of interest are the interdependency and interaction of such human rights, rule of law, democracy, and peace.