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Class 5 (2006-2008)

Isabelle Michaud-Letourneau, Canada

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – School of Public Health

Isabelle received a bachelor’s degree in nutrition, a certificate in Latin American Studies, and a diploma in the Portuguese language from Laval University in Quebec, Canada. Her diverse interests culminated in her passion for international nutrition. She has undertaken international cooperation projects in several countries, including Cuba, Bolivia, Brazil and Senegal. In Brazil, she was responsible for a pilot project which assisted families with malnourished children, in partnership with the organization IPREDE. Isabelle believes that access to food must be universal and is often compromised during conflicts. In order to further broaden her expertise into the domain of Public Health, Isabelle recently completed a post-graduate certificate in Aging, Health and Society from the University of Montreal. She hopes to use her fellowship to better understand the multidimensional links between conflicts and food insecurity, thereby dedicating herself towards ensuring food security without restriction.