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Class 14 (2015-2017)

Maja Muminagic, Bosnia

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Global Studies

For the past two-and-a-half years, Maja has been working as a Project Officer at UNICEF, Country Office for Bosnia and Herzegovina, providing technical support in the development, preparation, implementation, and monitoring of child protection related projects. Previously, she worked as an intern at the United Nations Office at Geneva and in the NGO sector in Vienna, Austria. She holds a BA degree (Cum Laude, Hons.) in International Relations and Psychology from Webster University, and an MA degree in Political Science from Stockholm University. Even though fighting for human and child rights is her passion, she has decided to return to her other passion: academic research.

Throughout her previous studies, she was interested in researching conflicts, ethnic segregation, nationalism, and especially in linking the psychological concepts and explanations of human behavior to hatred, exclusion, intolerance and other social dynamics that help perpetuate resentment and discordance. One research area she is interested in exploring further, is the myriad of implications the globalized world has on immigration and vice versa, as well as the juxtaposition thereof with nationalism and “otherness” globally, but especially in Europe.

After graduating from the Department of Global Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill, she wants to contribute to the scientifically relevant research areas of contemporary global significance that will help shape sensible responses to intolerance and conflict.

Applied Field Experience

Institute for Conflict Research, Belfast, Northern Ireland